I recently sent this content out to my e-mail list, but I think it’s such a hot topic I had to share here, too. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Do you believe there’s a real photography deadzone? If so, how has it impacted you?!


I learned about the pricing dead-zone the hard way: by walking through it. And let me tell you…it’s real, and it sucks!

In my experiencethere are specific price-points in specific markets that aren’t going to get booked. 

Why? Because they are awkwardly priced between too-high for the budget-conscious bride yet too low for the luxury client. The perception of value is off.

In my own local market, this price-point appears to be around the $3,000-3,500 starting price for that exact reason. It’s too high of a start price for the average, budget-friendly bride, and it’s too low to claim real respect from a luxury client looking for a photographer with an elevated brand–the perceived value for that client just isn’t there!

In short, the dead-zone is a delicate spot where prices are too unattainable for a budget conscious client, yet too low for a luxury client.

The hard truth is that it can be a super awkward season wading through the price increase from budget-friendly photographer to more luxury level photographer. But…if you are up for the task of making the transition to up-level your brand and service in the right way, it can happen and the reward is great. And this is exactly what I’m passionate about: helping and equipping others to do this. I can’t promise it’s easy (heck, I already told you the whole process for me sucked), but it is possible if you want it.

I’d love to hear feedback from all of you! What follow-up questions do you have regarding this topic and making the leap? I’d love to hear in the comments, or by e-mailing me at charity@charitymaurer.com.


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PHOTOGRAPHERS: The Pricing Dead-Zone


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