Today I get to share something super, crazy special with you! A couple months ago I met a new friend, Nathan from Photographer’s Edit. He told me about something new he was starting: a podcast on relationships. He graciously asked Andy and I to be guests and to share our relationship story. I’m enthusiastic about any chance to do something with Andy since so much of our careers are separate at this point. Beyond that, I believe we have cultivated something really special in our marriage, and I love sharing about it. We got to share the goofy/fun stuff (like the story of our awkward first kiss!), as well as the real, raw, and messy stuff (pornography, fears of intimacy, and working through the pain in our pasts). It’s real, raw…yet balanced with fun!  Plus, Andy is a therapist so hearing his smarts on this topic is worth it alone. I hope you listen and our journey can provide hope/laughter/or maybe a piece of wisdom as you contemplate your road forward, too!

Listen on your favorite podcast app by searching for “A Love Portrait” or at this link: A Love Portrait Podcast with Andy and Charity

2014, 3 months after having our first son, Achilles, we modeled for the talented Melissa Jill. The picture Nathan chose for the podcast cover (above) was taken in 2013 (why we look like babies :)) just after finding out we were pregnant! 🙂

2016- pregnant and awaiting baby #2, sweet Cyrus!

2017 – putting one of our marriage tips into practice (sharing hobbies). Andy was my guest at an industry event. We literally have not taken a professional photo since 2016 and I’m determined we fix that this year! 🙂


I really just love this guy! Going through the archives of our photos together reminded me of all these wonderful moments and stages of our marriage. Xoxo

Personal: Hear My & Andy’s Marriage Story on A Love Portrait Podcast


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