Last month Andy and I got took off on a weekend getaway to Colorado to┬ácelebrate our 8th anniversary. We hadn’t been away overnight from our boys in two years, so it felt huge!

This trip was special for so many reasons. Normally when we travel, we utilize Airbnb and love it, but for this trip, I told Andy I wanted a hotel room and so that someone else would make my bed every morning :). So we did just that. Something about the constant demand of parenthood makes you appreciate these small things that much more!

One of our favorite ways to experience a new city is through the food. A google search turned up a coffeeshop called Huckleberry Roasters that ended up being one of our favorite spots (it’s where we snapped these pictures).

A few more hits on our list were 1) Cart Driver Pizza (this one tops the charts!) 2) Denver Milk Market (we ate at the Bao Chica Bao Concept) 3) Denver Central Market (we ate the ice cream only, but the other stops looked superb!). Basically, as parents of young ones, give us a vacation that includes a comfortable bed, plenty of time for sleep, and really, really great food and our hearts are content :).

However, my absolute favorite part about this time away really wasn’t the uninterrupted sleep or the food…it was all the time we had to simply talk. I don’t think I truly realized how complex that simple activity has become since having Achilles and Cyrus. There’s so much to balance between careers, schedules, investing in friends, and running a household that uninterrupted time to talk truly feels like a luxury at this stage of our marriage. I treasure the soul-connecting conversations we had on this trip. I love this guy so much. I’m so grateful for God’s gift of him to me. He knew he was just what I needed.




Not mentioned, but part of our trip was sneaking away to my dear mentor-turned-friend Melissa Jill’s wedding. That was a whole joy and experience in itself! But leaving it up to her to share that story ;).

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Personal: Our Weekend Anniversary Getaway in Denver


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