Today, I’m following up from last month’s blog post “How to Know if a Film Photographer is the Right Choice for You” with a follow-up question.

At the end of my last post, I mentioned that most film photographers also choose to shoot digital on a wedding day. The question many of my clients wonder about is what determines my choice to use film or digital during the different portions of the wedding day.

For my personal approach, film is always my first choice when I have great, adequate light to work with and when I’m photographing anything more “artistic”. I tend to choose digital when moments are moving fast, I’m less able to dictate subjects, and in low light/nighttime situations.
Segments of the day that tend to be “film heavy”: portraits (bride and groom & bridal party), details, some candid moments.
Digital heavy: documenting getting ready (the candid moments vs posed moments), candids throughout the day by my second as I photograph portraits, and reception.
A few additional points:
-I do approach my digital editing with a film-inspired look to keep things flowing beautifully–consistency is important to me in bringing together these two mediums.
 -On a wedding day, I always have film and digital cameras on myself personally, but my second (serving primarily as backup+documenting moments) is always digital.
-I also tend to choose digital for family photos. I choose this largely due to the fact that so many people are involved and I want to keep the process moving quickly and as painlessly as possible. This is one area where I enjoy that click-click-clicking away ability of the digital camera so I can work quickly and make sure I have an image of all parties showing their lovely eyes.
If you feel overwhelmed by this, not to worry. Truly, if you see the work of your photographer and love it, don’t let the breakdown stress you. Simply trust your photographer to know which medium is best for each moment–they’ll take care of you!

When I Shoot Film and When I shoot Digital


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