Katie+Chasen are a special pair. Every┬átime a groom e-mails me first, I know that I’ve found a couple in which both individuals are invested fully in this process, and it makes my heart so glad! Photographing this session brought me so much joy being witness to the delight they experience in each other. K+C, I’m thrilled to get to photograph your day in a few short months working alongside the fantastic Imoni Events. It’s going to be spectacular!

Usually I enjoy paraphrasing a bit of what I know of my couples’ stories, but today, I’m going to let Chasen (I like to call him a “true romantic” ;)) do all the talking and share word-for-word his take on when they first met:

“Katie and I met at a UCLA summer camp in 2007 by way of a random chance encounter. One night in typical teen ostentation, I decided to dress up and act as ridiculous as possible with my group of friends. I adorned a pink boa, a furry top hat, and roamed the dormitory hallways looking for mischief. When the elevator doors opened to the second floor, I found it – well, her! I hardly noticed any of the shared laughter between her group of friends and my own. In that moment we simply locked eyes and I knew I was in the best kind of trouble that would last forever.”

Sedona Engagement Session | Katie and Chasen


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