“Are you single?” is the question that came via text from a mutual friend that started it all for Jake and Jessica. Jake didn’t waste any time once he had Jessica’s phone number, and after an hour-long phone call the two met and have been, in their own words, “inseparable” ever since. Jake wrote some precious words when asked to share his perspective on their love story, and since they touched my heart as a truly great example of a man loving on his lady, I wanted to share them word-for-word:

“From our first conversation on the phone I knew she was special, and our first date confirmed it. She has tremendous depth, which is an amazing quality that I noticed that first time we spoke. I remember hanging up the phone and saying to myself, ‘wow, I just talked to that stranger like she was my best friend’. Every time I see her she continues to amaze me. When I’m with her I feel whole, and when I look in her eyes I feel calm. She makes me laugh. She’s a supportive partner who I would never want to embark on any journey without.”

It seems Jake was smitten at first sight, but Jessica, considering herself more of a “thinker”, warmed up according to her own process. She took the time she needed to assess this man that was truly intriguing her and capturing her attention. She mentions his goofy presence and the loyalty to the ones he loves as things that she truly appreciates and admires. Goodness–these two and their love is going to make for a really heartwarming celebration this coming February and we cannot wait to play a role in it alongside the talented Charlee of Signature Events. Congrats J+J!!

Scottsdale Desert Engagement Session: Jessica and Jake


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