My favorite little face–Achilles is growing and becoming more of his own person every day. Being his mama is such a gift!

October flew by. I can hardly believe it!

A few happenings as of late:

+Last month I went to TX and visited my sweet friend Anna. It was the highlight of my month. Conquered traveling alone via airplane with Achilles, had many walks in Texas’ lush woods, and so many heartfelt conversations you can only have with a friend of so many years. I loved every minute of it!

+Shot G+J’s long awaited Jewish wedding at the Sanctuary resort. I’ve been waiting for this one for over a year and it did not fail to meet expectation ;). I cannot wait to get the film scans back!

+April and I worked HARD on staying updated and organized with workflow for our busy November. I’m so thankful for her! It’s only because of our commitment to staying organized and her effort in that that I’m staying afloat these days, friends.

+Our ballet-inspired wedding feature was finally released! That was a huge project for my year that had my whole heart in it so make sure you click back to look if you missed it!



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October Goals Progress

1) Start a new business read –Finally started Purple Cow. It’s been on my list for over a year! Though, I cannot foresee making my way through it quickly as wedding season is in full swing!

2) Invest whole-heartedly into my clients–Yes. Love them all so, so much. I’m incredibly honored to work with this year’s fall couples.

3) Stay updated on workflow–Yes. The one item I left unfinished I did today, so yay! Workflow is the “how” for investing fully into our clients, so it’s SO important!

4) Update client pricing PDF to include more of my story–Ugh! The month got away from me and this just wasn’t as high on the priority list as other things. Hope to get to it next month!

5) Officially become a WIPA member–So excited!

6) Write a mission statement/vision for wedding days I can distribute to my second shooters and assistants to align values and for consistent client experience–Sadly, same as above. Next month!

7) Visit a friend in TX with Achilles and soak up the time together–YES. Loved every moment of it: exploring the woods with my boy and great conversations/time spent with my sweet Anna.

8) Connect with 4 wedding industry friends–Yes. Love these people!

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Valerie and Tom’s windy engagement session was one for the books. We can’t wait to see it on SMP weddings later this month!


November Goals

1) Invest whole-heartedly into my clients. We are thick into wedding season so this one is so important and is going to be at the forefront of our game plan.

2) Update Pricing PDF (from last month).

3) Write up mission statement for day-of helpers (second shooters and assistants)–Again, from last month.

4) Shoot November weddings with the mindset of publication.

5) Refresh computer organization.

6) Make a list of 3 new wedding industry partners to meet with once season ends.

7) Decide on my scripture reading plan for new devotional journal I’m starting.


I’m keeping this month sweet and simple because most of my energy is going to be put towards #1 as we have a high client load this month. Until next month, friends!

With love,


CMP Monthly Update+November Goals


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