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Posted this sneak peek look at an editorial project with some talented friends (some new!) from 2 months ago that goes live SOON. Just can’t wait to share all the heart that went into this one–it’s special! 

A few happenings of late:

+It’s officially fall and it’s officially starting to feel like it in my sunny city :). So excited to kick off fall season this month and work with some really, really lovely and fun couples!

+Last month was a hard one, friends. I’m learning the art of ‘bouncing back’ after disappointment in this season. Being an entrepreneur and an artist takes a lot of vulnerability…and rejection stings. It continually draws me back to lean on my Father and my identity in Him alone. And that is a good thing.

+Had a blast breaking down how to thoughtfully capture details on a wedding day in a way that adds to the overall storytelling experience. It’s so funny because when I was due for another in the Photographer’s series last month I really had no idea what to write about. I started, and then it all seemed to come together in a meaningful way, and it was SO good for me to put my thought-process into words for myself. It was a sweet treat to hear from other’s that it blessed them, too!

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Captured this snapshot of my favorite baby blues playing in the backyard last month :). #Heartbreaker

September Goals Progress

+Finish How to Win Friends. Yes! So glad I’m posting this a few days into October so I could officially check this one off ;). So, so good.

+Serve my clients wholeheartedly. Yes. I love these couples you guys!

+Pour my heart into what I do for GOODYes.

+Create Art. Yes. I shot V+T’s engagement to come so soon and I cannot wait to share, friends! It’s one for the books. So glad they were up for braving cliffs and water with me :).

+Rest. Yes. Some days more than others.

+Blog my heart. Be generous in the giving of it.  Yes. Last month’s goals and even on the beloved Wedding Sparrow’s blog sharing my thoughts about this pretty bridal session.

+Stay up-to-date on workflow. Yes. So thankful for April’s hard work and commitment to teaming with me on this so we can service our couples well and with excellence.

+Love people. I tried, yes. Mostly via so many prayers for my friends lately you guys. There is so much going on in the lives around me.

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We were SO honored to see Becky’s sweet bridal session hit the pages of Wedding Sparrow last month. It’s been a dream to be featured there, and it was such a treat to have them reach out to us for this pretty session!!

October Goals

1) Start a new business read (no page specification yet as I haven’t picked the exact book, though I’m chugging along on my inspiration list!)

2) Invest whole-heartedly into my clients (immeasurable, but perfectly intentional. Inspired by last month :))

3) Stay updated on workflow

4) Update client pricing PDF to include more of my story

5) Officially become a WIPA member

6) Write a mission statement/vision for wedding days I can distribute to my second shooters and assistants to align values and for consistent client experience

7) Visit a friend in TX with Achilles and soak up the time together

8) Connect with 4 wedding industry friends


Wishing you all a happy start to fall and lots of joy and sweet times in the following weeks!!

With love,


CMP Monthly Update+October Goals


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