Welcome back to CMP’s top 3 tips! This month we are talking about the very FIRST thing brides think about after getting engaged (apart from thinking about how excited and lucky they are!)… Choosing your wedding dress!How to choose the perfect wedding dress


Almost all of us have grown up in a culture saturated with weddings and certainly no shortage of beautiful dresses. Everything from Disney Princesses to TLC shows (I’m lookin’ at you, “Say Yes To The Dress!”) tell us how the experience of finding and falling for our prefect gown ought to be. Whether the impending process has you overwhelmed or excited, Charity and I are here to offer our advice once again.


#3 – Know your body, but keep an open mind.


We all have our sore spots and little insecurities, and shopping for a wedding dress certainly brings those out. But just like we know our insecurities, it’s important to know that parts of you that you want to show off as well! Do you love your back? Take a look at keyhole dresses! Want to show off those hips? Fit and flare all the way! Be ready to spin your body in a POSITIVE way and look for gowns that will accentuate your best. And keep your mind open. You might think you look “meh” in halter tops, but try a few on – you never know, and after all, you only get to do this once!

How to choose the perfect wedding dress


#2 – Have a realistic budget and stick to it.


To avoid pressuring your budget or making a decision you might regret, sit down before you shop and decide how high you are willing to go for the perfect dress. The reality is that there are GORGEOUS amazing dresses available at all price points, so even if you don’t have exactly the budget you wish, you will still find “the” dress, we guarantee it! A good way to make sure you only see options inside your budget is to set appointments at dress shops (we love Bella Lily Bridal, where you can steal the dress seen below from our Honey I Love You editorial!) as opposed to just walking in. Then you can have an open conversation with the bridal consultant, and your stylist knows to bring you only that which you can actually take home.


Charity_Maurer_Photography (39 of 103)


#1 – Wait for the “it” moment!


You have waited months and maybe years for this moment – savor it! When you finally try on that dress, the one you will walk down the aisle in, you will KNOW. And if you choose to take others with you, they’ll probably know too. Do you feel stunning? Are you counting the moments until your hubby-to-be sees you in it? Are you tearing up? Is grandma tearing up? That’s the dress, friend!

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Now if you’ve used our 3 tips, head right to the check out counter and lock it up! You know it makes your body look amazing, it’s inside your budget and it makes your heart flutter. Feel free to dream about wearing it for the next few months until your big day!!

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Gown | CMP’s 3 Tips For Brides


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