I miss writing and sharing regularly those nitty-gritty in’s and out’s of life as I used to more often, friends. I have, for awhile now, much admired the wonderfully generous and inspiring heart of Lara Casey (editor of Southern Weddings). After reading her book that changed the way I thought about the relationship between my life and business and desiring to live purposefully, I purchased a set of her popular Powersheets for goal setting. Encouraged by her own and other’s monthly sharing of their progress, I’d thought I’d add another series to the blog today and join in sharing my journey!

Charity_Maurer_Photography (5 of 1)

A pretty snapshot of a 20-year anniversary I shot in northern Idaho for my brother and sister-in-law! Holding my breath to share this one! 🙂

A few happenings as of late:

+Currently working a really, really special project I’m pouring my heart into, friends! It has been birthed from a lot of struggle, and I cannot wait to see it come into fruition. It’s hush, hush for now, but hopefully it will be as beautiful and heartfelt as it’s been in my head and I can’t wait to share it when the time comes!

+A highlight of my week: a sweet friend gifted me a pair of Kate Spade earrings! This was so meaningful if you remember my start of the year post (last 2 paragraphs) about exchanging my original pair for a resource for working on heart-change, instead. Just a sweet reminder that God cares SO much about the little joys of our hearts, too.

+I’m flying to San Francisco next month! I’m SO excited. April is flying with me and we can’t wait to spend some intentional time with a sweet couple and shoot something lovely for them! We are, of course, already planning our travel outfits (because as new moms, we recognize every chance away from the babes as great opportunity for clothing selection. hehe)

+Last month we launched two new blog series I’m really excited about! “3 tips” themed series for photographers and brides. We hope for both of these resources to contribute to our mission of enriching others’ lives with our service.

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July Goals progress

+Reach out to 10 people in the wedding industry to build relationship with. Done! It was amazing, and somehow I managed to surpass this number. I love the new relationships God has brought me in just the last month, and I’m so thrilled to have even more community!

+Explore magazines for publication opportunities and make an action plan for one. Done. A project in the works!

+Invest myself fully in July’s vendor collaboration shoot. Yes! Loved every minute of planning for this shoot with so many sweet friends and can’t wait to see where we land it! (above is a little sneak peek! :))

+Research and implement 3 easy steps for blogging SEO. Done!

+Launch a blog plan with new blogging planner. Yes!

+Teach April ical organization. Done! She’s a champ!

+Add mentor sessions to website. Done! More details here.

+Try a new film lab for wedding workflow efficiency. Yes. Worked well! Increased expected turn around by 2 weeks!

+Explore MailChimp for creating a newsletter. Did this a bit, but want to test run it and see if it’s a good direction!

August Goals

+Update workflow for efficiency and be intentional working with April on creating great teamwork!

+Invest myself fully in ALL my shoots and upcoming projects

+Be faithful in new blog plan/commitments

+Be faithful/invested in creating a meaningful experience/service for current clients

+Soak up travel time in SF, invest in K+J and time with April!

+Invest fully in magazine editorial shoot and push myself for innovation and excellence

+Submit all new shoots for publication (July+August)

+Make 1 monetary investment (big or small) for business

+Read 142 pages of How to Win Friends and Influence People

+Experiment with putting together a newsletter for August

Charity_Maurer_PhotographyFilm (48 of 54)

Love, love this sweet flower girl portrait from a recent wedding.

I love Lara’s goal-setting power sheets so much because they are progress-oriented founded on a lot of grace. They leave room for canceling/restructuring goals midway as can be natural with evolvement. That and the weekly and daily breakdown of to-do’s (not shared) seem to have made me even more effective in the long run. Definitely check out her product if you’re in need of some goal-setting structure inspiration!

Until next month friends!

With love,


CMP Monthly Update+ August Goals


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