This post marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter on the CMP blog! Welcome to our new monthly series, “CMP’s Top 3 Tips.” Each month we will be sharing insights from our expertise and the expertise of some of our favorite friends and vendors to help guide you in your journey toward your wedding and your marriage. We are so excited to share July’s Top 3 Tips for having a meaningful wedding day, so without further ado…

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You’re engaged! The season of your life you’ve always dreamed of has finally arrived. Soon, you will knit your heart together with your favorite person in the world – soon you will create a new family where there wasn’t one previously… What an amazing time!

…So, why does it feel so hectic?! Doesn’t it feel like a dirty trick that the happiest most joyful time in your life suddenly becomes riddled with stress, indecision, and angst? Well, breathe a sigh of relief, because we are about to tell you how to manage it. We will divulge the secrets of that bride (you know her) who sailed through her wedding day looking perfect and having a grand time. And, guess what? That can be you! Being pretty darned experienced in this area, the gals at CMP has complied their top 3 tips on having a wonderful and meaningful wedding day and we are going to share them with you right….. now =)

#3 – Hire reliable, trustworthy vendors that share your vision so that you can disengage.


Doesn’t this sound like the LAST thing you should be doing? It’s your wedding! How will anyone know exactly what you want? How can anyone execute your vision for the day?! This is why you take the time to screen and hire vendors that you TRUST. Your vendors should be LISTENING to you; they should KNOW you; they should be your FRIEND in this process. When you hire someone you trust, someone who shares your vision and understands what is important to you, you can let go. On that day you can trust them to provide the florals, styling, photos, food that you want because they listened to you in a meaningful way from moment one. You can forget they are there and enjoy your day because you know you are like-minded in your goals. Choose your vendors wisely =)

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#2 – Take time to plan for the days and years BEYOND your wedding day.


You wedding day is one you’ve dreamed about – it’s going to be stuning, sweet, meaningful, and fun. But, your wedding day is the start of something even bigger, your MARRIAGE. It can be so so tempting to get wrapped up in pending all of your time planning your wedding and prepping the details (and you know we love those details!!), but be careful. Your marriage is the rest of your life; your marriage is you coupling yourself to you best friend and truest confidant. Take some time once in a while (we recommend once a week) to refocus and center… Tell each other what you love about the other, dream for what your life might looks like, set goals (if that’s you’re thing), imagine your future… A marriage is two hearts being knit together as one, take some intentional time to plan and discern the direction you want your marriage to take.

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#1 – Savor every sweet moment.


It’s so cliché to say that your wedding day only happens once, but it is SO true. If you hire vendors that you trust so that you have delegated your responsibilities to someone trustworthy, and spend some intentional time time planning for your years of marriage, you have the freedom and ability to ENJOY your day. Take a moment every hour or so leading up to the wedding (or more frequently if you can!) to just be giddy and excited about what’s to come! Let yourself feel the tingles when you’re just about to walk down the aisle. Think about those vows as you say them. Savor that sweet just-married kiss! Stare at your now-spouse and let yourself giggle with excitement that they are all YOURS!

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If you follow these CMP Top 3 Tips, we know you’ll have the wedding of your dreams, and the start of a marriage you can both enjoy until death do you part.

How to Have a Meaningful Wedding Day | CMP’s 3 Tips for Brides


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