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I’m SO excited for today friends!! I finally have the privilege of introducing you to one of my very favorites. I’m so honored to share today that this beautiful lady, April, is officially joining CMP under the title Admin Assistant!

This has been such a project in the making. Hours of talking (usually over TJ’s cold brew coffee), consulting wisdom from our hubbies, analyzing facets of CMP and my personal life, prayer (lots!), creating strategic and thoughtful business plans, and one fantastically cute clipboard later we are taking the leap and adding another pretty face to the team!

Guys, this is so exciting. I never thought in a million years when I started this business so close to my heart that CMP would hire another team member. So what has spawned it? It all started at the beginning of this year when I set out to create my yearly business goals. I had a new vision this year: create goals with purpose and intention that are bigger than me (from the conviction that my life is a gift from God, and responding in living a life that is a gift to others). I wanted to further excel the CMP client experience as well as bless someone else by letting them be apart of what CMP does. That, combined with the conviction to be an incredible mom and wife, I knew something was stirring for change. The idea came, and, just like I knew it would (because God is the great provider He is), the person followed.

I first met April in 2011 (I think!) when we were both a few short years into our marriages and baby-free. She was searching for community at church and ended up in my small group. It was at Four Peaks that I sat next to her and Eric (hubs) and asked about their story. I laughed, I hurt, I was connected to this girl and her life. Fast-forward to today, she is my clothes-shopping-side-kick (because she has killer style–you’ll see!) and my we’re-new-mom’s-and-just-trying-to-figure-this-baby-thing-out best friend. She’s also the MOST organized person I know, and her skill set is invaluable.

I asked April for a few facts and and answers to a few questions that I could share with you all so you can get to know this incredible girl who’s about to make an amazing mark in CMP!

Favorite color: Green. No, blue. No! Definitely green!

Favorite clothing brand/brands: Jcrew, Madewell, Anthropologie.  My philosophy is own very little, but make sure it’s quality.  Classic pieces will last forever and rarely go out of style – they are worth the investment.

1 unique thing about you: I could go a week without showering (new mama!), but not more than 8 hours without brushing my teeth. Don’t worry though, I’ll shower before your wedding 😉

3 words to describe your personality: Relational, Organized, High-Energy 

What most excites you about the CMP brand?: Romance, celebrations of love and commitment, gorgeous light, a love for the desert southwest – all of these are  tenants of what CMP stands for, and I LOVE the idea of being a part of this vision. As a native of this beautiful desert, I love how CMP is able to capture the romance and light of our beautiful couples in this gorgeous landscape. And Charity is just the most fun and delightful to work with, it’s such a joy!
What are you most excited about working with CMP?: I love working alongside Charity and sharing in the joy of two people just starting their lives together.  There is nothing more special and precious than being a part of a sweet couple’s new journey. 

Those couples that have already had the pleasure of meeting April at their weddings (she’s been assisting me on a trial period for about a month!) have had such overwhelmingly warm things to say about her and our combined service that I’m SO excited for the future.

Friends, there’s SO much more I could share–there’s been a GREAT deal of processing and behind-the-scenes work that’s been happening as of late and I cannot wait to get it out of my head and into the world! So stick with me; little-by-little has been my philosophy to achievement and staying sane lately.

With love,


A Big Announcement for CMP: Introducing New Team Member April!


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