Jenna_Ben (25 of 53)Untitled 2Jenna_Ben (6 of 53)Jenna_Ben (3 of 53)Untitled 5Jenna_Ben (14 of 53)Jenna_Ben (4 of 53)Untitled 6Jenna_Ben (12 of 53)Jenna_Ben (27 of 53)Untitled 7Jenna_Ben (40 of 53)Untitled 9Jenna_Ben (35 of 53)Jenna_Ben (43 of 53)Jenna_Ben (37 of 53)Jenna_Ben (47 of 53) Jenna_Ben (30 of 53)I spent part of my Valentine’s Day with these two in the organically gorgeous Scottsdale desert. There’s something so seemingly untouched about this area of town, and it was the perfect backdrop to tell this story. Jenna is sister to past groom Chase and to work with the same family again is always a sweet treat. Jenna and Ben have a classic style, and I cannot wait to see all they plan for their fall wedding as well as what they bring to the world by the means of their marriage. It is such a wonderful blessing to get to walk beside people during this time of life!

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Engaged: Jenna and Ben | Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale


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