Thanksgiving (5 of 38)Untitled-5Thanksgiving (1 of 38)Thanksgiving (16 of 38)Untitled-6Thanksgiving (22 of 38)Untitled-2Thanksgiving (3 of 38)Thanksgiving (14 of 38)Thanksgiving (20 of 38)Thanksgiving (18 of 38)Untitled-1Thanksgiving (10 of 38)Thanksgiving (36 of 38)I shot this body of personal work at my family’s annual Thanksgiving gathering. All 8 of my siblings flocked to our warm Arizona sun and we celebrated as per usual with an outdoor lunch followed by games on the lawn. I chose to capture such a special time on film because of the intentionality I knew would have to come with each and every shot. I so wanted to embody the joy and beauty this time always is for my family and to be able to lay out a story board of images that represents the traditions and memories of such a special time Thanksgiving is for us every year. I love all these faces so very much.

Personal: Family Traditions


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