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We recently visited Andy’s parents on the east coast, and the title couldn’t be a better description. We’re so thankful for the family we share on all sides–we are so richly blessed to have such a network. I shot these precious, precious photos (I’ve spent ALL week looking at them since they came in :)) during our stay in Topsail Island, NC. I will forever treasure every. single. one. I’m so glad I chose to shoot mostly film on our stay–it is so timeless and I love that my prints are coming in the mail any day now (a reminder to get your favorite images printed, friends! It’s SO important!).

Stay tuned–I shot a little extra special something (one of my *favorite* shoots to date) that I’m holding my breathe to share!! Coming soon :).

Personal: A Breath of Fresh Air – A Peek into Vacation as Three :)


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