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Funny to me as I stare at the above and very put-together photo, knowing what my morning has looked like. I wasn’t even out of my robe and into real clothes an hour ago. So before anyone starts having thoughts about any kind of “supermom” over here, I need to clear that up. You know, just ‘keeping it real’. ­čśë

So funny as I sat down to write this, I had to back-up and read the last post on Taking Risks and realize, goodness, those words stand as much today as they did a month ago (and how in the world has it really been a month since I last blogged??! I blame the newness of motherhood as well as this distraction of change on the horizon as I’m addressing┬átoday :)). This summer has potentially been a highlight of my year. It’s funny, because in the thick of it, I’d never guess it would be so. But this precious, precious time I’ve been enjoying with my new little family as we enjoy the off-season here in Arizona as well as all the time I’ve been allowed to think, dream, and educate has been PRICELESS. You guys. I’m feeling so refreshed with vision. I’ve already shared a hint or two about the new brand coming later this year/early next, but on top of that,┬áthere’s been some fun stuff happening around here!

  • I’ve joined the network and aligned myself with the vision of Weddings Defined, a new blog all about bringing Fine Art wedding inspiration to Arizona.
  • I’ve literally dreamt about this next bit for so long, and I could not be more excited! Over the last 5 years of my business, I’ve connected with film work over and over again, never imagining I would actually take it up for myself. After reassessing my brand this year and who I am as an artist, it simply seems like such a great step forward. I can’t wait to share some of the dreaminess and pretty behind film sometime soon :).
  • I took a few new head shots. Maybe it’s being on the way to seemingly such a pivotal age as 25. Maybe it’s because becoming a mom has matured me in new ways. Needless to say, I was feeling the need to capture myself now, in this new place and stage of life and my business.

Anyway, thanks for checking-in and staying connected┬áwith my little corner here on the internet :). I’m so privileged to get to share my life and dreams with so many of you, so thanks for caring! If you want to be more┬áconnected┬áand to stay updated on my most current work,┬ámake sure to follow along on instagram. To my brides of the fall 2014 and 2015, I’m so excited to be a part of your most special of days and to have the joy of capturing such beautiful moments! All for now <3


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