About 3 years ago I hosted a photo shoot-out with other photographers. I invited a friend to be a model, who asked if she could bring along Cal who had just moved back to the area. It was such a fun evening, shooting, hanging out together, and just sharing a passion with friends. Fast forward to early this spring when I heard from Cal again: she’s engaged! To say I was excited is an understatement. Having kept up with her here and there through social media, I knew enough of her and Blaise that they had an artistic eye and was SO excited thinking ahead to the experience we were about to have together.

With the outrageous heat that’s arrived in our valley and with knowing a unique and special setting was in order for these two, we landed on Giant Coffee downtown as the perfect spot to stay cool and provide for an inspiring atmosphere. And, as if that wasn’t already enough of a solid plan, Cal mentioned Blaise’s access to a historic jeep and that became the topping on the cake!

I love some of the words Cal shared with me via e-mail after we finished the session in regards to the experience (I had no idea the date we landed on was of such significance!), and I just have to share here as a peek into the sweet and fun love they share with each other:

“July 2 is shaping up to be something of an important date for us, it seems. 1 year ago on July 2, we left Phoenix to move up to Seattle. The year before that, we took off on a road trip to San Francisco that turned out to be a very formative journey in our relationship. We’ve now dubbed July 2 as “Christmas in July” and I think we might end up celebrating it for some time to come!”

Cal & Blaise, I couldn’t be more *honored* to get be the one to create for you and to capture your love. Here’s to many, many years ahead, and sharing your “Christmas in July”!

Untitled-1Cal_Blaise Engagement (1 of 123)Cal_Blaise Engagement (56 of 123)Cal_Blaise Engagement (10 of 123)Untitled-2Cal_Blaise Engagement (7 of 123)Cal_Blaise Engagement (40 of 123)Untitled-3Cal_Blaise Engagement (5 of 123)Cal_Blaise Engagement (61 of 123)Cal_Blaise Engagement (91 of 123)Untitled-6Cal_Blaise Engagement (93 of 123)Cal_Blaise Engagement (71 of 123)Cal_Blaise Engagement (79 of 123)

Engaged: Cal and Blaise at Giant Coffee


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