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There’s been nothing up to this point of my life that has been so much a taste of heaven as bringing a new life into the world. I’m in total awe of this little man (I get to call him mine?!) that made his entry 5/16. The last three weeks have been full of joy, readjustment, total lack of sleep, and lots of coffee runs :). We are incredibly grateful and indebted to our community of support that has been showering us with so much love. It is incredibly humbling and life-giving.

We were blessed to work with sweet Rennai of Ten22 Studio for little man’s official newborn photos (they are completely stunning and can’t wait to share those as well), but of course I had to put my own camera to work. We shot these at 10 days old, as soon as I felt strength to move around well. For 9 months I’d dreamt of creating something with a super organic vibe; something capturing the strength and protective nature of dad while showcasing the softness and vulnerability of baby. A little different than my usual soft and light look, I wanted to try my hand at something moodier, working with black and white and attempting a filmy vibe. These few images are such treasures to my heart, capturing this special season in the first days of our sweet son’s life. I hope they speak to your heart as well.

Baby Achilles (150 of 279) Baby Achilles (158 of 279) Baby Achilles (218 of 279)Baby Achilles (159 of 279)Baby Achilles (233 of 279)

As spring season is at a close along with maternity leave, I honestly could not be more excited for this year’s fall season: couples I am thrilled to work with, some exciting publications in the months ahead, and working on an official rebrand with a designer I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to work with. Summertime will be filled with a few shoots (for those brave enough to brave the heat!), dreaming/getting refreshed in vision, and moments spent soaking up this sweet little face. 🙂

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