By popular demand, I’m bringing our sweet little nursery to the blog today :).

I never thought a room could ever be so special to my heart. First, for the little person who will soon occupy it, and second for all the special people who were apart of bringing it together. Designing this nursery made it apparant that I’m clearly sentimental and nostalgic. Seriously. Yesterday I sat on the floor of his room, eyeing the walls and letting my heart feel warm for all the people who are represented. You’ll see.

I have to state honestly that I’m in awe this little space came to be. I’m such an idea person, but when it comes to execution, I need help. On top of that, the fact that little guy didn’t even have a room a month ago and Andy and I have been chugging away on a slush pile of editing (me) and managing two school schedules (Andy) brings me to attribute it’s existence to God’s very good design of this last stage of “nesting” in which all excitement for what’s to come brings about an amazing ability to find energy :). I can hardly believe we’re already here (tomorrow is the due date!), waiting for our little man, intricately all knit together by the creator Himself, about to make his way into our arms.

Our little room started with inspiration from this etsy print I found via pinterest. From there, we went with the soft colors, elephants, and mixed in an explorer theme for our little boy as well as pieces from our own childhoods. This space is so incredibly special to me. Enjoy :).

Charity Maurer Baby (35 of 55)Untitled-4Charity Maurer Baby (55 of 55)

My sister is a talented doll maker. She made this sweet little blue elephant (below) that matches the wall art. Baby is going to love snuggling with him, especially knowing he comes from an auntie!Untitled-7Charity Maurer Baby (46 of 55)

I was so excited about this next piece. I bought a vintage screen door from event planner At Last Events and my sister graciously painted it and finished it for baby’s room (it started with black trim, so she really put in a lot of working getting it a rustic white! Again, one of those things I envisioned, but without the help, never would have been executed). Using tiny metal hooks that easily screwed into the wood, we strung string from each side. The little vintage shirt was Andy’s as a baby, as well as the backback. These little treasures are surrounded by our own baby pictures (the others are from our gender reveal).Untitled-3Charity Maurer Baby (17 of 55)Untitled-2

I have to brag on my SIL, Francia, here for a moment. The watercolor prints were purchased via an illustrator on etsy (link in credits), but she hand drew and painted this sweet little bear! He fits right in. Untitled-1Charity Maurer Baby (53 of 55)

So I recognize I’ve neglected to share baby’s name yet and the process of how we came about choosing such an untraditional name (hopefully something on that later :)), but after I solidified in my mind on it (I’m so much slower about these things than Andy), my friend PuddsPrettyLilThings made this custom cut-out so I could give it to Andy as a statement I’d decided. It was such a special moment for us!

DSC_5570Untitled-6Charity Maurer Baby (40 of 55)Untitled-5Charity Maurer Baby (21 of 55)Charity Maurer Baby (45 of 55)Charity Maurer Baby (23 of 55)Charity Maurer Baby (42 of 55) Charity Maurer Baby (32 of 55)

Come soon baby Achilles! So many love you already.


Wood Shelves, Elephant Hook Board: all DIY’ed by Andy, inspired by a DIY wood stain from this pin¬†(thanks SIL Erin :))

“Achilles” Custom Name Wood Cut-Out: PuddsPrettyLilThings

Elephant prints: Kit Chase via Etsy

Elephant Bedding: Mitani Designs via Etsy

Printables all via etsy: “Explore“, “We Loved You First“, “Be Brave Little Man

Handmade, Custom Stuffed Elephant: Sweet Lamb Dolls

Vintage Props: thrifted

Hanging Screen Door/Vintage Prop: At Last Events

The Nursery


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