It is something truly special to get to share your passion with the people you love. I’ve known Beth since we were both 13, spending every weekend and multiple nights a week in the dance studio perfecting our art and always reaching for that next level. She motivated me, taught me a lot about hard work, and the fact that we got to share a friendship was the topping on the cake. Fast-forward 10 years, it is an incredible honor to get to be her wedding photographer. Beth & Elijah are high school sweethearts, and that vein of their relationship shown through the night–these two have shared many adventures, laughs, and years together; they are truly friends. Congrats to you two–I’m so glad to know you both, to have so many fond memories traveling the country with you, Beth, and to now get to claim Eli as a friend through the joining of your hearts through the commitment of marriage. Thanks to Val Vista Lakes for hosting a lovely St. Partrick’s Day inspired wedding for my Irish-loving friend :).

Romance Portraits (111 of 132)Untitled-1Getting Ready (9 of 60) Getting Ready (45 of 60)Reception (9 of 275)Untitled-4Getting Ready (16 of 60)Untitled-2First Look (14 of 69)First Look (20 of 69) Untitled-8 First Look (46 of 69)Untitled-7Bridal Party (20 of 86) Untitled-9Bridal Party (80 of 86)Untitled-1bBridal Party (56 of 86)Ceremony (4 of 172)Ceremony (13 of 172)Details (35 of 43)Untitled-10Ceremony (104 of 172)Untitled-11Romance Portraits (55 of 132)Untitled-12Romance Portraits (31 of 132)Untitled-13Romance Portraits (87 of 132) Romance Portraits (81 of 132)Untitled-17Bridal Party (2 of 86)Untitled-18Reception (73 of 275)Untitled-2bReception (63 of 275)Untitled-15Romance Portraits (128 of 132)

Just Married: Beth & Elijah at Val Vista Lakes


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