It’s been on my to-do list too long to get this post up, but it just never seemed to get done. Why? I think because, if I’m completely honest with myself, this is tremendously bittersweet.

With every growing week, I’m all themore excited to meet this little baby boy (just 4 more weeks until his due date!! :)). But with every coming week also brings the realization that life will never quite return to what it once was. Last week we moved out of my office, replacing my desk for a crib. That was tough. But, I quickly found my place again snuggled into a cornerof our living room and just a parallel wall across from Andy’s own desk. Seeing that little baby’s room every day, unfinished and imperfect with boxes and gifts streamed across the floor,  fills my heart with more joy and anticipation than anything I’ve ever experienced. And, surprisingly, hearing Andy’s fingers on his keyboard across the room is far more comforting and reassuring than I ever thought.

Clearly, I am thrilled. Clearly, I’m torn. So ready to let this little life into our home, and yet so unsure to let this passion take the backseat for a season. Three things I’m set on moving forward: 1) I fully intend to be a mom to this precious little boy, 2) I fully intend to continue to offer a superb service and product, and 3) I will need grace figuring it out.


Sooo, what is this season going to look like? It’s been a lot of brainstorming and journaling to flesh that out, only to arrive at the conclusion that I simply don’t know exactly, goodness! But, some things I do know:

  • I will be resting and taking off the month of May and soaking up precious time with baby.
  • E-mails & inquiries will still be answered.
  • I will continue to book weddings through my leave, but will not return to shooting until, at least, after June.
  • You’ll still be able to find updates here on the blog.
  • I will be back and ready to kickstart wedding season in the fall (I seriously cannot wait to work with some amazing couples!!).

It has truly been an eventful and exciting start to the year. With a projected heavier workload from last year and the adding of this new role as mom that I fully intend to embrace, some things have become all the more important:

  1.  I will continue to be selective on my cliental & allowance of monthly bookings to retain quick turn-around time & valuable client experience (this means reaching out with your wedding date sooner than later is all the more important).
  2. I will be very selective about taking on jobs outside of weddings, engagements & editorial work. I will continue to take inquiries for work outside of this realm, but a more limited schedule will effect availability. I will always continue to supply a referral.


To you reading this blog, I just have to say…thank-you.  The fact that I can walk into this new role as mom with full intention of being there for my little one & to be able to continue to help support our family financially is something I feel so richly blessed in. I recognize that it is completely your readership, referrals, and God’s generous and providing hand that have allowed me to prosper so far. So…thank-you.

Curious for more ways to keep up with CMP during baby leave? Follow along on instagram & the facebook fanpage!


Photos by Anna Christy Photography. Floral crown by Simply Beautiful Wedding and Event Planning.


Baby Leave: Coming May 2014


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