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After their  surprise proposal last fall, this was one of those special weddings that you just knew was going to be a highlight of your year. Me and 32-week baby bump arrived on duty in Historic Florence early March ready to capture the day along with second-shooter as of late, Anna Christy (can I just say how grateful I’ve been for her these last few months with this growing belly??!). John & Katelyn’s wedding was one of those celebrations where you know you are witnessing something so much bigger and grander than just these two. Katelyn is cute and spunky, and John is richly expressive and smart with his words–I appreciate enjoying a good laugh whenever he’s around. But more importantly, there’s a wisdom and light inside of these two that far surpasses their years. Witnessing their wedding day was like getting a peek at the journey ahead God has in store for them (and me, and you!) to bring about his redemptive plan and purpose in our world.

Am I embarrassing myself now to say that I’ve listened to their first dance song probably 30x since the moment I heard it on the dance floor that night?! That was the one and only moment I’ve had in my career thus far that I wished I did video because my images were falling short to capture all the incredible beauty of that moment. But the song…the song is such a great representation of the message I saw delivered that day: we are broken (Pain is alive in a broken heart/The past never does go away… And we’re born to pay, The price for our mistakes), though the results of our brokenness don’t quite go away, healing grace meets us (Grace, she comes with a heavy load/Memories, they can’t be erased/Like a pill I swallow, he makes me well…), and even in our weakness, there is a hope and this place in our hearts God can fill  (Oh I know this song won’t do/Enough to prove my love to you/In my heart you’ll always know/There is a place only love can go/There is a place only you can go). Click that link, then scroll through and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a glimpse into what I got to see & experience that day.

Congrats John & Katelyn!!!

Katelyn_John_Getting Ready (3 of 105)Untitled-4 copyKatelyn_John_Getting Ready (8 of 105)Untitled-3Untitled-6Katelyn_John_Getting Ready (69 of 105)Untitled-7Katelyn_John_Getting Ready (38 of 105)Untitled-5Katelyn_John_First Look (8 of 63)PTM Storyboard 3 UpKatelyn_John_First Look (37 of 63)Katelyn_John_First Look (13 of 63)Katelyn_John_First Look (50 of 63)Untitled-2Katelyn_John_Bridal Party (15 of 100)Katelyn_John_Ceremony (142 of 142) Untitled-8Katelyn_John_Ceremony (48 of 142)Untitled-10Katelyn_John_Ceremony (133 of 142)Katelyn_John_Romance Portraits (39 of 85)Untitled-11Katelyn_John_Romance Portraits (45 of 85)Untitled-12Katelyn_John_Romance Portraits (55 of 85)Katelyn_John_Romance Portraits (19 of 85)Katelyn_John_Romance Portraits (9 of 85)Katelyn_John_Romance Portraits (59 of 85)Untitled-16Katelyn_John_Romance Portraits (68 of 85)Katelyn_John_Romance Portraits (85 of 85)Untitled-17 Katelyn_John_Reception (1 of 343)Katelyn_John_details (10 of 10)Katelyn_John_Reception (83 of 343)Untitled-18Katelyn_John_Reception (265 of 343)Katelyn_John_Reception (271 of 343) Katelyn_John_Reception (231 of 343)Katelyn_John_Reception (220 of 343)

Second Shooter: Anna Christy / Ceremony Venue: Windmill Winery “Twisted Tree” / Reception Venue: Florence Women’s Club / DJ: Joel Gibbs

Just Married: Katelyn & John


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