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Styling and concept: Jordan McBride / Makeup & Hair: Mariana Marie  / Florals: Butterfly Petals . A snippet look into a recent beautiful project that came to life this month.

The past weeks have been filled with lots of up’s and down’s, and varying emotions all the way from fear to immense excitement; the New Year has started eventfully.  In all of it, I reach this day feeling so incredibly rich in thankfulness. Equipment repairs, stretching tasks, incredible opportunities, and this little growing life  in my abdomen have kept me more than busy the first three weeks of this fresh start. Today, I’m claiming some time and rest for myself. I’ve taken the morning to the gym (my current pregnancy favorite is totally the elliptical), enjoying a Starbuck’s favorite combo (iced lemon pound cake paired with a small smokey roast of coffee as a nice variation of flavors for the palette), and running around town picking up various items for the soon-to-be started nursery. I love this job, but when I wake up at night thinking about the emails I need to reply to and the images that need to be finalized, and Andy’s surviving by eating the pub cheese and crackers I bought the last time I went grocery shopping, it’s time to take a little break, or claim one. But taking the time to pause today has only allowed me to think on God’s incredible provision for this season of life, the rich supportive and encouraging relationships surrounding Andy and I, and the incredible opportunities now and for the months ahead. It has made me thankful. So incredibly thankful.

So Thankful


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