I love albums. I’ve offered this luxurious leather album for wedding collections a long time now, and I can’t believe it’s just making its way to the blog. I even made one for my parents for Christmas last year filled with our annual family photos. It sits on the living room coffee-table (with its super cute dust cover. Not pictured–some of it has to remain a surprise! :)) and I find myself skimming through it often, cherishing the faces and seeing how much has changed in just a year. Beautifully printed on crystal archival paper and carefully  bound with a modern block-building process, these books are made to last…for generations. I love that you can literally take a damp clothe to the thick, lay-flat pages to clean it–important for my family with so many little hands around.

Untitled-2Charity Maurer Photography (26 of 28)

Available in 4 sizes, perhaps my favorite is the mini, paired well with a larger album, to carry around in a purse or as a post-wedding gift for parents (perfect, because they come in sets of two).  Untitled-1 Charity Maurer Photography (7 of 28)

(Hey look! It’s us! :)) . As a contracted designer for Align, I’m well-equipped in the area of beautiful and professional album design, specifically with weddings.

Charity Maurer Photography (21 of 28)

Available in 4 classic colors. You can ask about albums during your consult, see samples, or even order one post-wedding! Just fill out a contact form.

Introducing the Fine Art Premium Leather Album


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