I love this little family. It’s always crazy to me when I think about the story of how Stacy and I met. First, over social media, when I started following her just-starting-to-blossom photography business as I was building mine. Then, over a year later, when Andy got a new job that required that we find a new church with evening services, we ended up at Redemption Tempe where I instantly recognized these two. They could not have welcomed us into their body in a better way, and made the transition soooo much easier by instantly offering us their friendship. ¬†We have been so blessed by these two, and it has been so cool to walk beside them and witness their faith, hope, and trust in the Lord as they pursued adoption this last year. Want some daily encouragement? These two have had quite the journey, and I love that Stacy has been sharing their story via her adoption blog. Little Bella is the sweetest little girl you could ask for, and it’s been so special to watch them transition into parenthood.

Enjoy all this cuteness!

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Stacy & Joe in the Desert


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