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I’ve been growing a few plants as of late. Buying packs of fresh herbs every week gave me the realization that attempting to nurture a few little plants may have a real financial reward in the end.  Just hoping they stay alive long enough to make the investment worth it :). Regardless, I love plucking them fresh for recipes. *Maybe* someday we’ll attempt a whole garden!

Small Things bringing me joy this week:

  • Photographing MY family Sunday! I started this tradition last year and hope to keep it up. There’s something special about getting to photograph the people close to you. 
  • Finally getting a little downtime to knock out some of the weddings I second shot this fall with friends. Did you see this one yesterday? So, so gorgeous.
  • Andy being on break from school the last two weeks–I have thoroughly enjoyed all the extra time we’ve spent together. Marriage with him just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

Last night was our fourth trip to the Christmas tree lot (how in the world has it been four Christmases together already??! I don’t even know!). During year one, we had a tree that browned before we even made it to the holiday. Every time someone moved, a pile of needles would gently embellish the floor–we were afraid we’d have a tree stump by the time Christmas came. Year two, our favorite to reminisce, we carefully attached our tree to the roof of our car only to realize that we’d also firmly attached the doors (accomplished by rolling down the windows instead of fully opening the car doors). We slipped through the windows and drove off embarrassed and laughing hysterically. Year 3, another classic experience, Andy was in the courtyard of our complex reattaching the base of our tree to the stand in the attempt to straighten it out. We’re sure our neighbors thoroughly enjoyed the sawing, hammering, and banging that rang through the lot at 10PM that night as Andy sweated it out in frustration for nothing short of an hour before it was finally reattached. Needless to say, we are so happy to report nothing short of a smooth experience this year. We went, picked it out, the employees attached it (key!!), and it’s now comfortably in our living room spreading the scent of Christmas and preparing us for the celebration of Christ. Maybe, this year, we’ll budget for those finishing touches of decor we never wanted to spend the money on (our tree has still never had a legitimate top), but…all in good time :).

Simple Things, Vol. XIV


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