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Small things bringing me joy this week:

  • FREE printables like the above. I’ve been getting all Martha Stewart today after following all the links on Emma Magazine’s blog. This particular one from Tom Kat Studio.
  • Speaking in front of 4 services at church Sunday about why I’m passionate about the wedding photography industry. I was sooo scared, but loved it at the same time. Maybe more on this later… 😉
  • This little bunny printable from Moira Design Studio that made it’s way to my office bulletin board this week. I love that it’s inspired by real bunny Andy, the cutest bundle of furry goodness I’ve ever seen. Follow Moira Ink Calligraphy on Instagram to see what I’m talking about.


    This week marks the coming of a favorite holiday: Thanksgiving!! I’ve always loved my family’s Thanksgiving tradition. One of two times a year we have a formal table setting and actually all manage to sit down together (there are about 50 of us total, so you can imagine how big of a feat this is). This year some family won’t be in town (sad), which means I get to take on the complete responsibility of table decor (happy). I’m not sure if it’s this baby  kicking in this new home-making mindset, or involvement with so many crazy talented creatives with Emma Magazine this year, but I couldn’t be more excited for the task. Half my day was already spent printing, cutting, and assembling (I told you I was getting all Martha Stewart!) for the celebration. Of everything, there are two key things that make me love my family Thanksgiving tradition: an almost 100% homemade spread of yumminess and the fact that we are always sharing the table with guests outside of our family thanks to the example of my parents’ generosity. If you don’t have a place to spend the holiday, ask around. No one should spend it alone, and so many, like us, are happy to share our tables and fellowship with you.

    Happy Thanksgiving! 

Simple Things, Vol. XIII


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