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Mallory & Marcos have been married a year now, and part of their celebration was, you guessed it, having a photoshoot! Personally, I’m such a fan. I believe your love should be captured at all stages of your relationship, not just when it starts. I loved our mini shoot out at Papago Park–one of my favorite locations for it’s open desert views and the uniqueness of the mountain range. Loved hearing the details of these two: how working in sports drew them together, how they moved state-to-state together, and about Mallory’s super significant job at Make a Wish Foundation. After hearing about the rain that made it’s presence on their wedding day that interefered with photos, I was overjoyed to know we were, in a way, making up for those sunlit images they didn’t have the opportunity to capture a year ago. You two are pretty stinkin’ great :).

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Love Shoot: Mallory+Marcos


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