SimpleThings X

Small things bringing me joy this week:

  • A bowl full of berries for breakfast. Mmmm. Andy ate the raspberries, and I ate the black. Mixed together for aesthetic appeal only because we each don’t like the other :).
  • A hour long ride on the light-rail (destination surprise–a secret, not the city. Just realized that may need clarification.) for date night.
  • Doing a bible study on a mountaintop, praying, talking to God, and thoroughly enjoying the beauty of this fall weather *finally* starting to set in.

I sat down for a consult with a bride who is also my friend at one of my favorite local shops ready to look through sample albums and to hear what she is planning. What I didn’t expect was hearing a truth shared that would bring so much insight and joy throughout my week as I pondered on it. She told me about this concept of hidden beauty; that some people, like me and her, she said, take a little extra effort to reach out to in order to see the beauty and value within. You know how there are those people you meet and they’re just beautiful? Whether it’s physically or strictly something about their character, it’s just so apparent. There’s a second type, she said–another type of person that might easily be passed up if you don’t take the extra effort and energy to take a second look. And you know who looses out? The person that doesn’t take the time to do so. It made me ponder and think–think about how sometimes I’ve been the person to pass others’ up, making quick judgements about who they are and not taking the time to cherish and be changed by who they may be. It made me think on and cherish the amazing people in my life who’ve taken the time and energy to sit with me and ponder my heart. If you read this blog, thank-you. Thanks for letting my voice and art have a place in your heart. Maybe, some day, somehow, I can bless you the same.

Simple Things, Vol. X


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