I have been dyinggggg to share this set of imagery since the night we shot it months ago for this month’s issue of the always-inspiring EMMA Magazine. Can you say abosolutely stunning??!! Ahh! Mariana Marie, the usual, worked her magic styling hair and makeup, Shelly Sazdanoff (co-editor of EMMA) used her fashion sense to bring the splurge-worthy Fall Pendleton line together with some savy pairings, and GROWop boutique (located right here in the heart of Phoenix) graciously supplied the fantastic P. wardrobe. This is what truly gets me excited: various talent all coming together to create something never possible alone. THIS kind of stuff is what I love when I’m not shooting my weddings.

View the entire issue here (see the feature on pages 34-39).

Emma Mag (30 of 107) Emma Mag (6 of 107)Untitled-1Emma Mag (40 of 107) Emma Mag (51 of 107)Untitled-2Emma Mag (60 of 107) Untitled-3Emma Mag (101 of 107)Untitled-4

I loved seeing these images come to life in Lightroom. We had some phenomenal clouds that day (and it only helped that we were miles outside of town with clearer skies).

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 1.47.19 PM

Make sure you check out the magazine and see what other magic EMMA pulled together for this months issue!

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