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I finally did it. I broke-up with the DVD.

This has been such a longggg time coming. I’ve kept my eye on a cloud service called PASS for awhile now, but could never quite commit. I loved packaging my sweet little DVD’s and knowing my clients were going to receive a beautifully wrapped gift via snail mail in the next few days. However, sometimes, after I’d put in all the energy, effort, and cost to send out that pretty DVD, I would hear from my bride that something went wrong–it doesn’t work. So, I’d get back to work, package up another pretty little gift, head to the post office again, pay the fee, and send out another.

But then something changed. I started designing high-quality albums for  Align Album Design and really honing in on my eye for professional design. “Why am I not offering more of my clients product like this??” I thought. I started to believe in well-designed product that gets your images off of the computer and into your hands. Then, something else happened! The cloud software I’d been keeping my eye on added one more feature that took away even more of my doubt about it’s service: the ability to order and purchase prints from a high-quality, professional lab right from the gallery. It only took one more DVD hiccup to have me sold.

So I’ve arrived! I’m so excited to announce a new innovation of PASS galleries to Charity Maurer Photography. Inspired by my cliental, I want my service to continue to innovate and be changed by convenience, ease, and high-quality product. So, I’ve ditched the DVD and am so excited to deliver high-res files via a clean, stunning online gallery that get’s my clients their images faster and more conveniently. One of the my favorite features? There’s even an app that let’s you have access to all your photos via any handheld device! To make up for the pretty packaged product, I cannot wait to launch my beautifully updated line of Engagement coffee-table books and high quality leather wedding albums for 2014!! But, more on that later :).

If you’re a current bride of CMP, check your e-mail! A proposal for the innovation of PASS galleries has just been sent your way!

I Broke-up with the DVD


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