This blog post has been a long time coming, and I’m SO glad to finally get to share with you all more about this really great resource for sessions: working with a professional hair and makeup artist.


I’ve known Mariana for awhile now. Strangely enough, I second shot her wedding 3 years before I showed up at her doorstep with my first subject for her to use her talents on. That was a fun surprise! Now, she’s serviced a number of my clients and I can’t get enough of it. Why?? It makes my job so much more spectacular. I know, I know, that’s strong language! But after seeing the results from the sessions of clients who’ve reached out to her, I believe in her service. Mariana has worked on some of my favorite clients and sessions (to name a couple: here & here) and we even have a pretty stinkin’ awesome collaboration coming out *soon* that I just can’t wait to share!! For now, I went ahead and asked Mariana a few questions about her service and some of the normal hesitations that come with considering to hire a makeup and hair artist.

Charity: What can you do with makeup that we can’t do for ourselves?

Mariana: I see hundreds of faces a year, and each one is unique and beautiful to me. As an artist, I love to enhance natural beauty. I have been a licensed profession cosmetologist since 2008, and have the experience and knowledge to make a women look their very best for whatever the occasion might be. Many of the products I use are professional lines, and not available to the public. Airbrush makeup is cutting edge and something that only Pro Artists do well.

Charity: I think a lot of people have hangups about getting makeup done for photos because they’re worried about not looking like themselves. Is there anything you could say about that? Or, what are your suggestions for getting a look that is still “you” but by the hand of an expert?

Mariana: This is such a common “hang up” about makeup services. I am a huge advocate of feeling and looking like yourself, just polished. I want my clients to feel confident and beautiful for their photos. They are going to have them forever. Makeup and Hair services compliment photography so well. Helping the client feel like themselves with boosting their look is what I do best. I am known for my touch in the natural makeup industry.

Charity: Do you require/include a trial for photoshoots? Why or why not?

Mariana: I don’t require or include a trial for photoshoots. For weddings, I do recommend one, but again it is not required. The lovely thing about makeup is, if the client wants to change something, it can always be changed. Makeup is not permeant. Its an expression of who we are. I usually talk to my clients over the phone or in person before the shoot, and we collaborate on what kind of look they want. Then I custom tailor their makeup and hair needs to their style and feel of the shoot.

Charity: What would be 2 things I could do to prepare for my appointment with you?

Mariana: Have a general idea of what you want the feel of your shoot to be… what are the photos for? location? time of shoot? how many people are involved? Gathering this info will help create the feel of the makeup, while keeping in mind who the client is. Secondly, Makeup is only as good as the skin underneath the products. Hydrate! Drink lots of water the weeks leading up the shoot. Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize every night! Find a line that works for you and stick with it. You will thank yourself down the road. Wear SPF on a daily basis.. just not the day of your photos! The SPF effects the tone of your skin on camera.

Charity: Lastly, what is the favorite part of your job? Why do you love what you do? Share your passion with us.

Mariana: I can’t stress this enough, doing makeup never feels like work to me. I am an artist at heart, and its such a practical way to express myself. I feel so blessed by God that he has given me this gift. Working with my clients is such a joy. I feel like I become friends with all of them. Makeup is a very intimate thing, you are touching someone and analyzing their skin, enhancing and highlighting, so for someone to let me into that space of their life is an honor. I love when a client looks at themselves after their makeup is done and they are filled up with confidence, joy and pride. That is why I do this.


Thank you Charity for including me on your blog, and letting me be a part of so many of your shoots. Its truly a blessing to work with all of your sweet clients on their special days.

Want to have Mariana give you a great look for your upcoming session? Reach out to me and I’ll lead you thru the next steps!

Professional Hair and Makeup: Mariana Marie


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