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My favorite combination of nail polish as of late. Had to quickly do the nails before last Saturday’s wedding and I loved the result with this duo!

Small things bringing me joy this week:

  • Last week I shared how one of my best friends got engaged. I was overjoyed when I met her at one of our favorite coffee spots and received this little handmade gift. Could not be more honored/excited to get to be by her side as she preps for her marriage!
  • A great date night to local Fox restaurant Olive & Ivy with hubs. We laugh because we’re always the best dressed wherever we go on date night. And that’s not due to an outstanding fashion sense, but due to our consistency to over-dress. hehe!
  • This video (can you see it?). I’m continually blown away by my sister’s life in the rural parts of ID and the fact that my 4 year old niece can operate a large piece of machinery.

Being a little more vulnerable and sharing a little tidbit from my personal journal this week. I wrote this on a day I was really struggling to find my value, and I love the picture it paints.

“…and soon I’m wondering again. Where does my value lie? I feel wrong…It’s hard to feel confident when you feel “wrong”. I know in God’s word that he declares to have made all His own right before Him. That is powerful. But a problem is present between the heart and the mind. The heart says to the mind, ‘but this is who I’ve always felt to be, and knowing that truth doesn’t sever this power of feeling’. So Jesus, what can I do? Come to you again and beg that you wash me again in truth. I am not broken.


Simple Things, Vol. V


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