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Delicately detailed pastry from a little corner of France in downtown Spokane, WA called Madeline’s. Just one of the many reasons I cringed when I stepped on the scale coming home from vacation. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Andy pointed out when I showed him the image for this week’s Simple Things that I continually post images of treats and coffee, ha. I’ll switch it up one of these days!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Small things bringing me joy this week:

  • This book: Who Gives a R.I.P. About Sin?ย I was confiding in a trusted friend over a month ago when she recommended it to me. Ironically, it’s written by one of Andy’s favorite professors at Phoenix Seminary. This book is convicting, bringing hope, and reframing my view on God’s love for me and others.
  • Prepping for our hike of the Grand Canyon next month.
  • ย The engagement of a dear and precious friend. If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know Millie.ย We shot those photos because we love creating and envisioning a great shoot, but now she’s engaged for real!! So happy!!

We were prepping to leave town on Sunday when I got a voicemail from our bride breaking the news of a large chance of rain and flash flooding in Sedona (this bride is amazing and wanted her b&g portraits shot without the stress so we made special plans to shoot them the weekend before). We rarely have to worry about rain here, but it is Monsoon season and we were so hoping to get lucky. Eager to make it work, we hopped in the car and settled for a local spot. Only, it started to rain here, too. I was so bummed, mostly for my bride, when I got the deep inclination to pray. We always say God cares about the small things, right? So, I prayed sincerely and specifically that God would stop the rain and allow us to shoot. I admit my hope was really starting to diminish when the skies were dark and gray and it only rained harder. But then, after a long wait–yes! It let up! We stepped outside only to behold the most clean and crisp blue skies we could ever ask for in the valley. Goodness, God is good. I was so deeply reminded of the great love God has for us and his gentle way of displaying it in the small things. The images are just so beautiful, and never would have been the same without the complicated blessing of the rain running through our skies first.

Simple Things, Vol. IV


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