SLR Lounge is a community of professional photographers writing articles on shooting tips and tricks, reviews on professional gear, and anything and everything to do with the industry. So, to say I was pretty excited to be personally asked to submit content for an article they were preparing is a real understatement (!!!). The content they were asking for: packaging for wedding photos. I personally am a fan of my own packaging (I guess this is a really good thing, right? :)), so I was happy to get to share my voice on the importance and purpose of wrapping your images. I recognize my personal style is not for everyone, but for me–I love it. I love diy and the personal touch in a product, so I want to deliver that both during the process of my service, and in the presentation of the final product.

You can read the full article here.

charityPicMonkey-CollageI¬†¬†feel so blessed whenever I have the honor of sharing my voice in the industry. And also…I have always loved writing. I’m shy, so public speaking has never been the best way to communicate my heart, but writing–that I love. Considering and hoping for ways for that to develop more over my journey of life. For now, I’m just so thankful for a little corner of the internet to get to share my heart on this sweet little blog, and for each one of you that has personally taken the time to express to me how much you appreciate it. <3

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