Meet my in-laws. I joined this wild bunch two years ago when Andy and I tied the knot. It has been such a joy adding a new family to my life, and I really enjoy getting the opportunity to be a daughter, sister, and aunt all over again to a whole new set of lives. When it comes to in-laws, the Lord has really blessed me!

Tom and Joy flew Andy and I and the rest of the family to their new home state of North Carolina. Oh. My. Goodness. This was truly a delight, and a highlight of 2012!! Hours were spent lounging on the beach, bogey boarding, eating a plethora of food (Lets just say I’ve had to be dedicated to my weekly gym time these last few weeks to make up for this part…:)), reading, fishing, and, yes, even a trip to the local salon! We were so blessed!

This kiddos are so fun, and definitely added a lot more joy to our trip.

I think Andy played as hard as the kids did! 🙂

I haven’t been on a run in probably 2 years (I promise I exercise well–I just have never enjoyed this particular form… :)), but I am all about getting the “whole experience” when it comes to being in a new place. I want to soak it up. Which means, when hubby wants to go crab hunting/fishing with a net in the pitch dark at 11PM, how can I say no? (I feel like this is a perfect scenario to sum up our marriage, hehe). But anyway, back to running. Sister-in-law Emily is a running machine, so when she mentioned she’d be taking a stroll and I started to imagine the experience of running on the ocean shore, I couldn’t turn it down. And you know what? I didn’t stop until we hit goal. I’m pretty proud of that ;).

So, running with Emily, and…yoga with Christy.

And I may have braved the waves a couple times myself (awesome photo by Eric!)

Eric, brother-in-law and partner with Christy in their Ohio-based photography business ( took a few shots of Andy and I (and all the pictures that I’m in, of course)–which, being behind the camera so much, I always appreciate.
Spotted…working. One of the realities of running your own business. Sometimes work comes with you. It’s a good thing I really love my job so much.Something you probably don’t know about me…I love fishing. Though, I refuse to put my own live bate on…and take the fish off. But, really, I love it.

I’d been wanting to try this masculine, and what I termed “dark and dusty”, look with a photo, so I may have taken my shirtless hubby out to the beach for a small photoshoot, which may have triggered teasing and snickering from those close to us, but who cares? I like it…ha!! 🙂 

SO many thanks to Tom and Joy for blessing us with such a wonderful, relaxing, and much needed vacation!! We are so blessed…

Have a great Friday all! 🙂

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