Our night started like this: I put on a beautiful silk dress, told Andy what to wear (he does a great job, but if I’ve got a dress I’m excited about, I’ll be sure to let him know what matches ;)). We got in the car,  fresh with makeup and ready to have a night of chatting, flirting, sharing hearts and enjoying quality time (me), and Andy…Andy was just tired out from a stressful day brainstorming about work. In my reading I’d heard a lot about these sort of marital scenarios, but when it’s you it’s hard to see it coming.  Men and women…well, our needs are very different.

The night had it’s struggles, but then the best thing happened. Andy took me on a walk.

Now, I’ll have to give you a little insight into our individual personalities for you to get the whole of this story.  Andy is curious…he loves to explore, take risks, and conquer. Me? I like to follow rules. Rules tell me how to live life. They keep me safe, and other people too.

Andy and I started our walk on ASU campus. We first walked north, but after seeing a few minutes of a modern musical light show, we knew it wasn’t for us. We then proceded to the south. Noticing a great movement of people from Gammage Theater, we headed that way (or rather Andy’s curiosity led, and I of course followed–I’m good at following). Andy, his conquering spirit now kicking in, started to take me up the stairwell, and into the open door of the theater…

People. People everywhere. I was starting to get quite uncomfortable at this point, trying to understand if this was something that we were allowed to be entering. The dressy clothes of the gatherers put stress on my inclination of feeling more of an impostor, but then again, my silk dress and Andy’s dress pants and tie made us look more like we fit in than not! Andy kept leading me through the building, down stairwells, passing people as we went. Mentally I was cringing and at such a dilemma to keep following curious/conquering Andy or to listen to my conscience screaming, “You probably don’t have permission to be here!!” Finally, after passing numerous people and going down about 2 flights of stairs, we arrived at a door. Without any hesitation, Andy went for it, as I was surely thinking, “don’t do it!”. Too late. In we went.

The door opened to a giant theater, with moving, bustling people.

My conscience was confirming to me in that moment that we certainly were not supposed to be here, but now even my own curiosity  gave way. We took a seat, and then subtly tried looking around hoping to pick up pieces of conversations around us as clues as to what we had just gotten ourselves into, the whole time trying to look calm and cool as if we belonged as much as any one else. Andy sat relaxed, as I felt the need to watch over my shoulders ready to confess to anyone who might approach us.

Apparently the seats we picked were a poor choice, because a group of  ladies with very upset features came to tell us  that we were in their seats. It took me a second to realize that’s all they were asking, as I was very ready to give my previously mentioned heartfelt confession (“You’re right! I’m not supposed to be here! I’m so sorry!!”). We then decided standing by the wall was probably a better bet. 10 or more minutes went by, and then the lights went down. The show opened to an obnoxious musical number of men and women dressed in outrageous green customs. We looked at eachother, so confused and trying not to laugh. Before we knew it, we had stayed for the entire show!

Andy and I have since found out what we wandered into. The very popular, and very pricy, musical hit Wicked. Is it too much of a coincidence that we arrived right at the start of intermission, no one was watching the door at the exact spot we entered, and that we were exceptionally well dressed for the occasion? Ha!

So there’s the adventure, but now onto the life lesson: differences. They can be frustrating, kill relationship, but they can ultimately bless it, enhance it, and bring more fullness of joy. God has done a great thing by giving me Andy.We are being sanctified through each other…wow, what a beautiful thing.

Adventures and Life Lessons with Andy


  1. Haha.. what a beautifully written piece Charity 🙂 I could literally feel your anxiousness and excitement battling inside of you! p.s. beautiful photos 🙂

  2. Lindsey says:

    What a great story!! And you tell it so well!!

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