By visiting this blog, you are showing your support, and that is much appreciated. Charity Maurer Photography is in the beginning stages of its development, with high hopes for the future. Every time you book with Charity Maurer Photography, you are making those goals more and more of a reality. Help Charity Maurer Photography launch as an official business by 2012!



Welcome to Charity Maurer Photography


  1. You are amazing! Not only as a photographer, but as a wife… I will always support you and I enjoy dreaming together towards the future and working hard now to make our future brighter and more God glorifying.

    -The Husband

  2. Nathan Rehm says:

    A quality photographer and a beautiful person in every sense. This is a rare combination indeed. There is no question in my mind of who to go to when I need professional photos accompanied by ethical business practices and friendly services. You are sure to go far, Charity.


  3. Lisa K Hoffman says:

    Thank you for taking such beautiful engagement pictures of Zak and me 🙂 We really love how they turned out. God really has blessed you with a true talent. I love how you use it to glorify Him. I love this blog, too. You’re such a wonderful person, Charity! You and your business will go far!
    ~Lisa K.

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