When Robbie called and asked me to shoot her wedding a couple months ago, all I could think about (besides the great joy of my dear friend’s engagement!) was the excitement and potential of new scenery that such a beautiful state had to offer. I most definitely was not disappointed when I saw all the gorgeous colors of fall and the overcast sky when I arrived!

Now, I have to interrupt your viewing of all this beauty to give credit to Carlita (sister to groom) who I owe this awestruck setting to. Day before the event, we were on our way to Starbucks (which is always a very frequent scenario with this great group of friends) when she spotted it and casually said, “Hey, look at those blue doors.” I was excited when I saw them, already envisioning the romance, but when we made it to our stop and I was able to walk over to get a closer look, what I saw took my breath away. COLOR. Amazing color everywhere. It was just like a secret garden once you walked past those aquatic-toned doors, and I could imagine myself finding a lonely key behind the vines or under a brick. I was ecstatic. With the likely chance of rain, I silently offered a prayer (which may have been more like a bribe) that God would PLEASE, please spare us so we could use this amazing location. And let me say people, God cares about those small things too…no rain. Beautiful day. Amazing colors. And, most of all, thank the good Lord for Carlita for noticing something I would have missed admist all the excitement of the moment.

^^I’m in love with this picture!!

Above is our fabulous chair prop that we temporarily stole from the event center. Shhhh…they don’t need to know we had it outdoors with a possibly chance of rain.

Last minute I had the idea to buy this purple umbrella, and I put Andy to work by making him spray paint it to match Robbie’s purple/sparkly theme!

Whenever I have a camera in my hands, you just can’t keep me away from the kiddos! 🙂

This is Robbie’s awesome disco-ball design (built by Jason) that hung over the bridal table. Sweet!

Last shot of the night! ^

What a great honor and privilege it is to capture any bride’s day of bliss, but it is especially so when the bride and groom are such a part of the irreplaceable memories of your past.

Robbie and Jason, capturing your love was the best honor I could have had. I love you both!

A Northern Idaho Wedding: Robbie & Jason


  1. Dad Zook :) says:

    Very nice ! 🙂

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  3. Jocelyn Miller says:

    Great work! I’m so impressed and proud of you! Following your passion and journeying with God! Say hi to Andy for me please.

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